quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2007

Ave maria, please pardon me.
If in your house I come stealing.
Ave maria, no one ever taught me about kneeling.
Ave maria, please will you keep me.
From this misery madness and fools.
Who rule this evil world.
Ave maria, I'm a stranger and you're my last recourse.
Ave maria, please can't you hear me.
Please take down all these walls between us.
We all should be as one.
Ave maria, please watch over my life night and day.
Ave maria, Oh please protect me.
Please guard me and my love now I pray.
Ave maria.
If you can see inside of me, as I can see inside them.
You will know of all these men, which of them really loves you.
Esmeralda you'll see, that only my love is true.

Pagan Ave Maria Lyrics

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